Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Social Networks

Good evening! Is it me or has blogger been weird lately? I don't know why but my "followers" list comes and goes and when I go look at blogs I follow I don't see them there and then they appear. So odd!

On that note, today was a little hot and gloomy here in Florida. I did these yesterday and the photos came out darker than I liked but I was able to adjust the contrast and brightness a bit. I had fun doing these! They're a few of the networks I use often: Google, YouTube, Facebook, Blogger, and Twitter - Twitter being the least used...I'm still getting a hang of it :-).

Tomorrow is my first "Pink Wednesday"! I'm excited about the theme I'm doing! Come back tomorrow to see :-)


  1. Awww I Love this!!! I Love love this.. So nice. The Google is awesome!!

  2. Thank you Lizzy O.!!

    xoxo Big C.Ly

  3. shouldnt that be google+ ???

  4. TC no silly! The good thing about all of this is we choose what we want to put on our nails and nothing is set in stone!



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