Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Legend of Zelda

Not my best but I liked the result! It's been a good month since I've done my nails so I decided to do this as my pilot for the new year! Last month, I was working on "12 Days of Christmas" designs for my nails but only got to the 5th day (5 golden rings) and haven't had the chance to finish it...and it's a little late now for the Christmas nails so decided to do this instead :-)

Anywhoo be back sometime this week!

What you're looking at:
Thumb: "Zelda"
Index: Link
Middle: Hylian Crest
Ring: Zelda
Pinky: Link's top and belt
"Inspiration Board"

(All of our designs are hand drawn and we do not use stencils or stamps)

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